Fat Daddy Noisy Cricket Upgrade Kit

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  • Das komplette Noisy Cricket Upgrade Kit
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The NC 1, with its simple and compact design is a very nice mod. Unfortunately, there are certain features that are very dangerous even for seasoned vapers.

So here we go. Switch and 510 upgrade kits. Switch comes with a floating glass-filled PEEK insulator (not just regular PEEK) and highly conductive rivet. Safe for use even with shorter atty positive contact. Cap is also knurled so that you do not have to scar the center with a coin. Switch uses magnetic springs with smaller diameter battery contact to accomodate extended bottom batteries. Messed up your delrin from using coins? Well, we made it knurled as well!.

As a bonus, we are also including a tube so you can use the old parts if needed as a standalone mod.

Please note that body is made of brass internals with a specially applied long-lasting copper plating. You do not have to worry about cleaning the contacts since it will not oxidize or get dirty.

Ever had to play with your battery because the stock bar is touching the insulator? Smaller contacts to make sure that it is not touching the battery insulator instead. 40A Capacity.