Original Etileno PWM

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  • Controllable N-channel MOSFET with bicolor LED
  • For 2, 3, or 4 batteries(2S, 3S, 4S) and up to 40 amps
  • Two types of control (eff. voltage / duty cycle)
  • Only 25 x 14mm
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The Etileno PWM V1 is a voltage regulation board with two types of control.

It switches an N-channel MOSFET via pulse width modulation and uses an analog potentiometer to adjust the voltage and duty cycle.

The integrated two-color LED display provides the user with all the information about safety and functions.

This board is designed to manage 40A in a 2S to 4S configuration.

With a size of 14mm x 25mm it is one of the smallest boards on the market.