V&M LED Basis Holz Rund Pack of 3

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Gap dimensions (for acrylic plate): thickness 3 - 4mm, length max. 71.5mm and depth max. 16,3mm.

All inclusive set. Postage free plus CR2025 battery for remote control plus Micro-USBcable.

Control by remote or smart touch. With Smart Touch 7 colors and on/off. With remote control 15 colors, 4 lighting modes, brightness adjustment, flashing and on/off.

Ideal as a holder for your own acrylic work or as a replacement for other lamp bases. Can be used as a night light e.g. in the children's room or as decorative lighting in the home or office.

Together with the acrylic works created by you an ideal gift for Christmas but also any other occasion.

Number of cells: 1 3
Battery size: AA CR2032
Content: 3,00 Piece